In 1999, Complete Protocol Solutions (CPS, Inc.) was founded with the singular goal of providing Information Technology services that allowed customers to focus on their business, while leveraging the productivity gains and/or reduced costs that should be related to Technology Investments.

Our Value Statement:
Provide High Quality, Innovative Technology Solutions and Services for a Reasonable Price to all Clients.

What sectors do we service?

Given the breadth our experience we do not focus on vertical markets, but rather concentrate our efforts on supporting and gaining market share in the Small to Medium Business space.

What Services do we offer?

Our initial service offerings consisted of Consulting and Implementation projects focused on Security, Infrastructure, IP Telephony and Microsoft Networks. Over the last 5 years, CPS has added Managed and Virtualization services to our offerings. While all these services are a relevant part of our business model, they are more applicable to Medium sized Business and have not totally addressed our desire to provide the same level of service and affordability to the Small Business sector. To address this need, CPS has expanded its offerings to include Hosting to meet this market’s needs. To better distinguish our services to these differing business sector’s we have established a new branding for Small Business:

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“In 2010, CPS was recommended to The House of The Seven Gables when out entire network was quite literally down more often than it was up. In two phases, CPS consulted with and provided integration services not only meeting, but exceeding our expectations. Our data network has operated efficiently and securely since they finished the project. Currently, CPS continues to maintain our network and we could not say enough about their service and support."
– Anita Blackaby, Managing Director, The House of the Seven Gables

How does CPS fulfill our mission for current and future clients?
• An iterative consultative approach to clearly understand your business needs, and how technology can assist your firms desire to expand profitability.
• Recommending the appropriate technology solutions to meet your stated objectives.
• Hiring the best engineers, allowing us to implement solutions in a timely manner. Projects Implemented CORRECTLY the FIRST time!
• Developing a culture that understands that as technology is implemented; company’s become increasingly reliant upon it. Thus, we realize that our
  services are generally performed after hours and we must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Finally, CPS recognizes that customers like one-stop shopping, so we additionally resell equipment and software to customers utilizing our services.
  However, unlike our competition, as long as payment terms are strictly adhered to, CPS sells this equipment/software to established clients at our cost.

I look forward to CPS becoming your technology service provider of choice, and as with the majority of our clients, look forward to a long term and mutually beneficial relationship.

Duane Hartman, President/CEO