Consulting for Information Technology is usually equated with "racking up billable time." While some billable time is unavoidable when accumulating a complete understanding of our client's needs or "pain points." In general, this occurs with larger clients having more complex environments, which are characterized by the following traits:

  • Complex Infrastructures: multiple networks, significant routing and switching requirements, other complexities that require a significant amount of time to include in planning and/or corrective measures;
  • Complex application structures: multiple independent/dependent server application architectures, or clustering solutions;
  • Custom applications that require research into their compatibility with certain hardware or Operating Systems;
  • Other rarer situations, where a network has never been documented and there is little or no knowledge of key aspects that would lead to a desirable outcome for you, our client, if CPS were to proceed without a more complete understanding of where applications, data or the infrastructure was clearly defined. (For an example of this type of situation, please review our Case Study: The House of the Seven Gables.)

While the above situations do occur, in general, most firms utilize standardized software that may have to be upgraded as part of CPS' overall project. In particular, this is true of smaller firms. As such, CPS generally considers consultative services to be part of the bidding process when no more than 4-5 hours are required in order to provide a proposed Scope of Work.

Honesty, Integrity and Confidentiality define CPS as an Information Technology Firm!

A Scope of Work includes the following (as applicable):

  • Statement of general services required by the client;
  • Overview of the infrastructure and any recommendations by CPS, to include: wiring, switches routers, Internet Connectivity;
  • Overview of security and recommendations by CPS (if desired by the client);
  • General time requirements, if determined by CPS that more extensive discovery is required. Along with detail cost associated with further consultative services;
  • Specific recommendations for hardware/software that will be required by the project, as well as line item costs;
  • Specific time and labor costs to perform the Scope of Work.

Our Scope of Work is not necessarily unique, and may more appropriately be considered a standard bid. However, what CPS considers unique about our approach, is that we treat the Scope of Work as a blueprint to ensure that we do not deviate from or exceed project costs based on this blueprint. Our management team monitors and communicates progress to clients throughout the project, and if unforeseen difficulties arise, we immediately discuss the situations with you, our client. If such a situation occurs, and it is reasonable that CPS should have anticipated the issue, there is no additional cost to your firm – outside of the unanticipated delay in finishing the project. However, if conversely, CPS is encumbered by a delay resulting from a third party, we present your representative with the facts and additional integration costs to complete the project.

CPS will be pleased to provide customer references that will attest to our consultative process and the consultative methodology presented above.