IP Telephony solutions have been available for years, yet with all of the savings offered – similar to older analog solutions – replacement costs of existing phone systems has been prohibitive. Since 2001, CPS has been a leader in the integration and support of IP Telephony. In reviewing the costs of several different vendors systems, CPS has found that most IP Telephony system will cost a firm with just 10 phones approximately $20,000 after installation. Most businesses cannot run on cell phones, but are reluctant to pay this amount to replace their older outdated systems.

To address this perceived need, CPS offers several IP Telephony Systems that significant value for small to medium business - at a very affordable price.

“As a not-for-profit, our budgets are tight.  When our old phone system needed to be replaced, we turned to CPS’ to provide a highly affordable alternative to hosted or other IP Telephony systems  We have been extremely pleased with CPS’ solution, and even more pleased that the overall price was less than half of other IP Phone systems and approximately a third less than hosted phone solutions.”
 – Anita Blackaby, Managing Director, The House of the Seven Gables

Eliminates the need to manage two separate infrastructures for voice and data. Simple configuration tools available via web browser interface.

REDUCED COSTS Move/Add/Change costs are substantially reduced versus legacy phone systems. CPS’ IP PBX System delivers a reliable, feature-rich solution without the per user costs associated with competitors.

CPS’ IP Phone System provides corporate personnel with high quality voice communications, while extending the functionality of legacy phone systems.
How Can CPS’s IP Telephony Systems and Services Save You Money?
•  Reduces infrastructure costs by utilizing a single wiring system for telephony and data traffic.
•  Eliminates costly moves/adds/changes associated with legacy phone systems.
•  Provides feature-rich service at approximately 50% or lower costs than competitors, without
    per user fees.
•  Offers fixed support costs with equipment and software maintenance plans, available at
   10-20% of competitive offerings.
•  Ask about our substantial discounts when utilizing VirtualWave™ Hosting Solutions.

Features at a Glance
•  Full-featured phone system.*
•  Choice of SIP/H3.23 IP Telephones
•  Integrated video conferencing capabilities
•  Integrated fax capabilities
•  Standard voicemail access, or voicemail to email
•  Manageable from anywhere

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