To be competitive in today's dynamic Internet economy, companies must balance the need of securing their customers data in addition to their own. In the past, having an adequate firewall, a reliable Anti-Virus/Malware product and corporate security policies were deemed sufficient to protect valuable data assets. Today’s security solutions require a much broader scope, especially since there has been a significant increase in malware being transmitted via web sites rather than email. Additionally, small to medium businesses are increasingly becoming the focus of attacks by hackers, requiring additional security measures. CPS’ extensive security experience can assist you in designing and implementing cost efficient security measures appropriate for your company.

Since CPS’ inception in 1999, Security has been a cornerstone of our professional services. During this period we have advised client’s, both large and small, that security measures put into place need to be periodically reviewed and implement newer security measures to counter current and future threats. In particular, smaller firms have eschewed this as being too costly, or unwarranted. Several recent articles in prominent periodicals have highlighted this greater threat to smaller businesses.

With newer and more affordable technologies available, CPS’ expertise can assist your business in mitigating risk.

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CPS Security Model

Weak Solutions
Most companies have implemented some type of firewall within their environments, along with Anti-Virus/Malware solutions. Smaller businesses generally rely on firewalls that are built into the DSL or Cable modems to protect their internal data. However, these solutions only block or allow specific traffic (such as Email or Web based traffic). What these solutions lack is a means to look deeper into the data streams, where Malware is embedded. Small to medium businesses also tend to rely on a single Anti-Virus/Malware solution, typically installed on the firms workstations and servers. CPS has found over the years that no single vendor can adequately detect nor protect against every variant of threats that exists.

While some solution is certainly better than none, today’s complex attacks utilize Web (HTTP/HTTPS, Email (SMTP) or FTP (File Transfer) data to transmit harmful malware that can directly infect computers and servers. Most Malware that escapes detection or prevention leads to costly downtime and significant remediation costs. Worse yet, a significant number of Malware infections result in the transmittal of sensitive internal data, such as social security numbers and credit card information, to external sources without a company’s knowledge. In addition to the technical issues above, few businesses in the small to medium space have any policies in place governing Internet usage. If they do, then many do not have the technical means to monitor and/or enforce these policies.

CPS Solution
The diagram above represents a general depiction of the CPS' methodology to implementing security. Variations to this model are implemented based on a client’s security needs and budget. At the heart of the solution, CPS utilizes Check Point® Software Technologies. In particular, the integration of their Software Blades enables a tight, overlapping security structure with excellent monitoring and reporting features. Similar features are now available for small business through Checkpoints Safe@Office product at very affordable pricing. As with any security solution that CPS provides, we do not solely rely on a single vendor. Surrounding the Check Point solution, CPS continually identifies and researches other vendors’ offerings that augment and enhance our recommended security model. Most of the above areas above are recommended as part of our comprehensive security strategy, while others are recommended based on regulatory compliance and/or individual client requirements. Our most common recommendations include:

•  External pre-filtering services (i.e. SPAM and Anti-Virus/Malware)

•  Anti-Virus/Malware

•  Web Protection

•  Intrusion Protection

•  Encryption

•  RSA Security Products

Given the above, CPS can reasonably assure that its clients are 98% secured against Viruses, Trojans and hacking attempts. Why only 98%? Hackers are constantly developing new methods to penetrate corporate networks. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to guard against every type of attack. This can be evidenced by the recent successful hacking into military databases by dedicated and extremely intelligent hackers. No matter what any security vendor or consultant tells you, the best defense includes multiple barriers that reduce the likelihood of malicious activity, but never eliminates it as long as you are connected to the Internet. To further minimize the 2% vulnerability, CPS recommends that its clients develop appropriate Corporate Internet usage policies, and in many cases CPS has assisted in the development of these policies. Over the years, we have found that this is particularly effective in minimizing Malware infections that can potentially bring down an entire network.